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Hello friends! Question: Do you have any idea how much per Kw hr. you are currently paying on your electric bill? Every time I ask one of my customers about half the time they don't even know. Since electricity was deregulated in Texas we are now able to choose our own electric company and rate. Its easy to change companies and the delivery of your electricity remains uninterrupted, its just the billing that gets changed. Many times you can literally cut your bill in HALF with just a little bit of research in about 30 minutes! I have used several different plans over the years and it has saved me a lot of money with no problems or any expense. If you need help with this feel free to call on me and I will be happy to advise. Talk to you soon, Ted


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Arlington AC & Heating In Arlington is a "Class A" Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Contracting Firm Lic. # TACLA20931C. This means that we are qualified to service hospitals, skyscrapers, office buildings, residential homes and commercial refrigeration. Basically unlimited in the Great State of Texas!

However our focus is on Residential AC & Heating Repair and Installation in Arlington and surrounding areas. The owner has trained 100's of tech's for over 40 years in DFW and there is no one more knowledgeable in our scope of work!




In Arlington, TX, there is an average of 235 sunny days each year. On these days, temperatures can reach well into the high 90s—putting the area’s AC systems to the test.

Fortunately, when you need AC repair or installation in Arlington, TX, you have a reputable source to turn to.  You can count on us to exhibit the expertise you deserve and you won't find any gimmicks here! Just straight up over the top service just like we would want in our home. Please read our reviews @ google!

We Offer a Range of HVAC Services

We offer these services for home and small business owners in need:

Heating and AC installation
Heating and AC repairs on all brands

Service maintenance agreements billed at a small monthly fee
Equipment sales from Goodman, Trane and Ruud.

Our level of knowledge and standard of excellence set us above the rest and we provide our clients with great prices on all our services. We also extend a full year warranty on every repair. As a family-owned and operated business, we promise to treat your family as if they were our own. Count on our verifiable honest assessments and excellent pricing.

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Keep your home or business comfortable with a fully operational & efficient AC system. Our technicians are ready! Reach out to our office in Arlington, TX to schedule an appointment today. Our number is 817-557-5000. We look forward to getting you comfortable soon!